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Accent Addition

Speak American or British English with ease.

  • 40 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Location: Online Zoom Meeting

Service Description

Your customized 40 minute Accent Reduction session will be an excellent length of time to focus upon learning the correct mouth posture, oral placement, and resonance to properly enunciate two to three challenging sounds in the English(USA or UK) language. Prior to your First 1-on-1 Session, you will receive a Welcome Email containing the Clarity Coaching: New Client Questionnaire. Once you have completed this document, you will record yourself speaking its content aloud. Then, you will send the recording and PDF to These items will be assessed by your Clarity Coach to deduce your speech patterns and which phonemes are the most challenging to pronounce. This information will inform the content of the lesson plan(s). Your customized 1-on-1 session will begin with a unique vocal warm-up crafted to challenge and strengthen your voice and speech weaknesses. Afterwords, you will learn a series of articulation and diction exercises to create new oral muscle memory to accurately pronounce the challenging phoneme. Lastly, you will apply these exercises to practice words and sentences. Most common challenges observed in pronouncing American English: -Unvoiced /p/ versus Voiced /b/ -Unvoiced /t/ versus Voiced /d/ -Unvoiced /th/ versus Voiced /th/ -Unvoiced /k/ versus Voiced /g/ -Unvoiced /s/ versus Voiced /z/ -Unvoiced /ch/ versus Voiced /dg/ -Unvoiced /sh/ versus Voiced /zh/ Recommendation: Clarity Coaching Services should be discussed with your Employer to determine reimbursement for Professional Development.

Cancelation Policy

If Client is unable to give Clarity Coaching, LLC a full 24 hours notice prior to canceling a coaching session, Client will pay Clarity Coaching LLC for the full amount of time reserved for the coaching session.

Contact Details


United States 204 Cowper Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA

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