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Tracey Wong

Director of Malicious Vixens

Street & Club Style Dance Instructor/

Educator Founder of Queen of the Hill

"I have taken 3 lessons thus far with her and every session has been very beneficial towards my vocal goals. She creates lesson plans that are specifically catered to your goals and all of the material and exercises she presents have a purpose and I appreciate how she has exercises that connect your voice with your whole body (sitting, moving, standing exercises, etc). On top of having a vast amount of knowledge, Katya will also provided many supplemental resources for me to further my knowledge and journey in getting to know my voice. She is quick to respond to any of my messages, is punctual to every appointment, checks in with you, cares about you, is encouraging, empathetic, and is just an awesome human being. Katya Landau is a vocal coach that I highly recommend!"

Tobias Gurl

McGill Graduate Student

Visual Artist @luxurybonesart

I sought out Katya for help with masculinizing my voice. I'm a teacher, and I felt insecure teaching in a high vocal range. Katya helped me refine my breathing and relax enough that my voice lowered on its own without being forced. She teaches from a holistic perspective, as invested in me drinking water at the right temperature as she was at warming up my vocal cords. She's creative, compassionate, knowledgeable, and irreverent, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Family portrait (1).jpg

Àngels Ratés

Applied Scientist at

Freelance actress, dancer and singer

"Katya was very open, friendly, and helpful from the beginning.  She showed me a lot of interest in understanding my language first in order to be able to provide me the tools to achieve an American accent.  She was also very positive and supportive about me being able to achieve my goal.  I have noticed a change with certain vowels, specifically for some words, once I say them now.  It is still very early in the process, but I believe Katya will help as much as she can to make my goal possible."   

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"I have worked with Katya Davida Landau three times, first as the dialect coach for “My Dear Miss Chancellor” at Annex Theatre in 2015, and shortly after that as a private client as I prepared for an audition for “The Westerbourg Serenade,” a project that Seattle Immersive theater planned but did not produce. The first of these projects used British dialects, the second, Yiddish. Earlier this year, as I prepared to play the 5 “pundit” characters in Karen Zacarias’s ’The Book Club Play.” I hired Katya to help me with New York and Texas accents.

In each case, Katya made great use of short interactive sessions, came into the sessions with complete and very helpful written materials, web links and video segments for reference later, and used our time together to point us to the most beneficial resources among those she provided. She gave immediate and useful feedback and was always kind and patient as she did so – she has a wonderful sense of humor as well as deep expertise in dialects. I have also tried to hire Katya for one or two of my own projects, but she is in high demand. I have also recommended her a number of times to friends and associates. Katya is a first class dialect coach."

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Steven Sterne

Actor and Director 

GM Keeney's Office Supplies


Vero Lecoq

Bilingual Theater Artist

M.A. Student (Drama Therapy) at Antioch University

"Katya is absolutely delightful to work with. In our time together, she demonstrated the utmost care for me not only as a client, but as an individual and human being. She was extraordinarily kind, generous, and patient. She was attentive to my needs and my strengths. She consistently strove to achieve a very high standard while also gently supporting me through all the bumps along the road. I cannot wait until our paths cross again!"

Sarah Wahlen,


Director of Theatre & Film, 

Theology Department, Faculty,

Gymnastics Team Coordinator

“I 100% recommend Clarity Coaching! I am the Director of Theatre & Film at Holy Names Academy in Seattle and I had the great fortune to invite Katya to work with my female actors during our production of Radium Girls in the fall of 2019. She spent time with the group as a whole; teaching about projection, vocal warmups and health, as well as

HNA Headshot.jpg

the use of voice work in characterization. In addition, she worked with individual students on preparation for acting with accents and playing male characters authentically. She was incredibly professional, fun, welcoming and inclusive. A wonderful teaching artist in our community.”

Amanda Cadogan.jpg

Amanda Cadogan

Representational Painter

English, Drama, & Humanities

Katya is a gift! I brought her into my school to do a workshop with my high school students on voice work and character building. Katya's work with my theatre class helped them find and develop their characters' voices, and students left feeling empowered and energized. My class can be rowdy, and Katya quickly established clear expectations for participation in a kind and respectful manner. The workshop she offered them was incredibly organized, and each activity felt purposeful and focused. I was so impressed by Katya's work, I decided to take individual voice lessons with her. She is unfailingly supportive as a singing coach, and our time together was thoughtfully planned and productive. Katya is a talented artist and educator, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

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